From Design to Engineering to Construction, the Project Team always needs to be on the same page. The new age of Videoconferencing is uniquely positioned to assist Design sectors such as Civil, Environmental and Structural Engineering in enhancing productivity, keeping budgets in line and insuring that even the most complex and ambitious plans can be fully realized.

Videoconferencing in the Construction Industry can be invaluable for helping teams facilitate meetings between various locations, sharing plans and data even from the construction site, and effortlessly tracking revisions. And in the design and planning stages, Telepresence proves an efficient way to integrate 3D modeling software into meetings and improve collaboration within the project team. Telecollaboration tools, ranging from collaboration software to video-conferencing services, can provide the industry with the ability to more effectively manage communications across the entire team.

Architects and Engineers need to have a solid and up to date understanding of their work sites in order to correctly place, build and detail structures. In coordination with its customers and third party contractors, the architect or property developer can conduct meetings via Telepresence in the field to generate useful feedback from the client and the construction team, saving time and money and minimizing miscommunication. Let AudioVisual Architects assist in solidifying the foundation of your Design team.

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