Large construction projects involve architects, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, dozens of trades and often hundreds of contractors. Accurate and timely communications and collaboration among this wide variety of teams is vital to completing large building projects on time and within budget.
The challenges start with contract negotiations. With millions of dollars at play, most of the stakeholders prefer that contract negotiations take place face-to-face to ensure they can pick up on non-verbal communications cues. Unfortunately, with the time and
cost of travel, this is both inefficient and expensive.

As with many of today’s advanced construction and engineering projects, this one involves the need to share and review models from Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) systems. While these computer-based software systems help rationalize risk, identify contract issues and delineate scope, they also create a need for increased communication and collaboration among the dozens of architects, engineers, industry consultants and trades involved in a project of this magnitude. Resolving design clashes and managing the design change process across the varied stakeholders — often on short notice —increases the challenges.

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