Video Conference technology is changing fundamentally and moving away from the sole use of the Dedicated Room and moving towards the desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone. First the good news: Where you sit is here you work. The bad news? Where you sit is where you work…

The dynamic for both small business and enterprise organizations alike is that our work-flow and ability to collaborate is enhanced by the new tools available today.

This is not to say that Room Systems are going anywhere, merely that the function and use are growing multifold. We can break down these new dynamics into three categories that in some ways blend together:

• Room Collaboration: These are conference rooms that address the new workflow standards (not to be confused with the old model of a camera’s long view of the conference table).

• Desktop Collaboration: Either from a laptop, a desktop in the cubicle, in an office using one to three correctly sized monitors, or on the road with your tablet or smart phone. Personal Telepresence is here and available. Now.

• Executive Telepresence Suites: Systems that utilize projection or multiple large flat-panel screens. They are simple to operate, featuring automation of the lighting, blinds and audiovisual equipment, forming a true senior executive Telepresence Facility.

As a User in this process of evaluating the visual collaboration space, it is important to note that old “video conference” technology standards (or closed-end manufacturers) are competing with platforms that leverage newer standards. Each of these technologies has recognized the importance of interoperability with the existing base of video conference manufacturers providing benefits that include:

• Complete interoperability with existing conference manufacturers’ platforms.

• New technology promoting enhanced work-flow such as personal impromptu visits with colleagues for meetings that solve problems, not just discuss them.

• From the laptop or the desktop, to 60” or 70” monitors set-up for telepresence, you will enjoy High Definition ranging from 720p/15fps to 1080p/60fps.

With your inquiry we will assign a Project manager to review your request for a quote and supply you with the information you require to make an informed decision.

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