Law firms — particularly those with international operations and that specialize in a range of disciplines — need to easily and securely communicate and collaborate internally, with clients and with other members of the legal profession.
In the corporate department, lawyers and support staff are challenged to quickly connect with other members of the firm in order to gain access to their expertise and experiences. Everyone is overloaded with e-mail and voice mail to the point where they are unable
to respond in a timely manner. Often, a five-minute face-to-face conversation
would be the most efficient way to answer questions and move the deal or
case along.  Even among local colleagues, this is proving difficult.
The corporate department is also challenged to connect face-to-face and
collaborate with the other parties — financial institutions, such as banks and
insurance companies, for example — that are typically involved in corporate work. Some of these institutions do have video conferencing facilities but difficulty of use and system incompatibilities mean they’re not being used.

Whether they’re dealing with colleagues or external stakeholders, the corporate department cannot collaborate on documents in real time. For security reasons, confidential documents cannot be e-mailed over the public Internet so secure servers must be used. Documents must be uploaded to this server just to provide read-only access to the remote expert or stakeholder. There’s no way for that expert or stakeholder to quickly insert their comments and modifications
into the document.

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