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  • Single-camera, single-screen system
  • Ideal for people who need to frequently communicate and collaborate without the hassles of leaving their personal workspace
  • Supports up to six video and collaboration windows

End-user features

  • Delivers high definition (HD) 1080p resolution visual collaboration capabilities at 30 frames per second (FPS)
  • Enables video interactions that mirror in-person interactions
  • Incorporates collaboration content into the visual experience
  • Allows you to incorporate non-computer-based materials, such as whiteboards, flip charts, books, physical objects and paper drawings, into collaboration sessions
  • Includes MyView, which allows you to view and quickly switch between video and collaboration windows — no matter who is speaking
  • Allows you to move and resize video and collaboration windows in real time and to pan and zoom images to suit your needs and preferences so you are not restricted to a default setup
  • Extends collaboration capabilities to non-video participants

IT features

  • Operates in a peer-to-peer architecture, eliminating the need for a multipoint control unit (MCU)
  • Employs sophisticated bandwidth management techniques to protect the network from the effects of video traffic
  • Interoperates with other vendors’ systems while preserving all Magor video, audio and collaboration capabilities







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