Videoconferencing Applications for governmental agencies are no longer constrained by budgetary concerns. More reliable and more cost efficient, these systems transform the way Federal, State and local agencies function, increasing productivity, lowering administrative and travel costs and enhancing interagency communication.
Enabling participants to experience real-time videoconference meetings instills despite the challenges of time and distance a sense of collaboration that is crucial to the smooth workings of any system of government.

The implementation of telepresence can improve the workings of a municipal court system, from depositions and scheduled testimony to assisting to the logistics of corrections transfers; it can streamline the ongoing practice of employee training sessions;  and videoconferencing can address the challenge of simplifying the exchange of information relating to complex statewide infrastructure projects, where all participants are given a sound means of communicating and realizing the community’s common goals.

Large scale projects and modern government operations require an integrator who  understands the rapidly changing challenges and the tools required to conquer them.

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