The Internet is now the premier destination for media:  feature films streaming on Netflix, User Content on Youtube, Music Libraries on the Cloud.  In the realm of videoconferencing the ability to stream with Peer-to-peer (P2P) protocols within a dedicated content delivery network expands the horizons of the telepresence experience. Integrating interoperability, smart scalability and a myriad of storage options, web streaming and archiving tools redefine the possibilities of videoconferencing, with Interactivity the way the web was meant to be.
Now there’s an easy way for users to capture video conferences for those who are unable to attend, or webcast for those applications where full interactivity isn’t required for all participants. Every endpoint becomes a ‘content creation station’, empowering users to record anytime, anywhere from any laptop or desktop device over Internet or 3G/4G wireless networks. Permissioned users can record and webcast customer support alerts, product announcements, medical procedures, lectures, training sessions and more. They simply choose the resolution at which to record or webcast, and get started with a single mouse click.

•  Any user can record a video conference in their room
•  Store, manage, and deliver the recorded videos cost-effectively to large audiences
•  Review videos using any standard web browser with Flash support
•  Manage access and metadata of created content
•  Stream up to hundreds of concurrent content views
•  Store up to thousands of hours of HD video content locally or use Network Attached
   Storage for expanded archival capability
•  Administrators have flexibility and control to set permissions for user groups, and specify    who is able to record, webcast, and access stored content.







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